Through its affiliation with Triad Radiology and Imaging, Ltd., GK offers high quality and efficient reading services. As with each arm of the business, Triad remains a service which can be called upon if needed whether for primary reading or coverage. Triad Radiology has skilled radiologists with exceptional training and credentials. Dr. Kim is a founding partner of Triad Imaging and its affiliation with GK provides a deeply nuanced and current knowledge of radiology reading services. With a practicing radiologist as CEO, GK brings tremendous credibility and efficiency to this aspect of the business.

GK’s Philosophy About Radiology Reading: A Key Distinction

The radiologist has often been the silent and distant partner in the outpatient setting, while marketing took the central role with referring physicians. While protecting the efficiency of the radiologist, GK emphasizes relationship-building between the referring physician and the radiologist. Our radiologists are committed to:

  • Phone contact with referring physicians to discuss relevant cases;
  • Fast report delivery;
  • Being onsite;
  • State-of-the-art interpretations (e.g., subspecialty reads);
  • Working with the marketing team as an active participant.