Marketing: Mission and Service

GK and its partners are all clear on a central message: excellence in care, service, and profitability must all be in balance – one element may not be compromised for another. Further, this message must be carried as much by marketing as by any other element of a center. GK has become very effective in conveying this message to both patients and referring physicians. We provide dedicated marketing representatives that generate referrals and act as liaisons with the referring physician community.

Case in Point: Chicago Northside MRI & Imaging Center

Before GK was asked to manage the center, Chicago Northside MRI & Imaging was losing over $1,000,000 per year.  Within 12 months, GK was past break-even and generating profit.  Key to this turn-around were a series of steps of which a focused marketing plan was central to regaining and expanding volume.  Key steps for the turn-around included:

  • Replacing the marketing representative and the front-office staff with personnel that understood the GK mission;
  • Strategically adding ancillary services  to win more MRI and CT volume (e.g., we added Arthrograms, X-ray, and Ultrasound which are important services, but which also feed MRI and CT);
  • Leveraging GK’s vendor relationships and established cost controls and various metrics to optimize positive cash-flow in balance with medical excellence and service;

Since GK started managing the center in 2013:

  • MRI and CT volume is up 20%-30% per year;
  • Total exam growth is up 43% per year;
  • Chicago Northside is generating profit for its partners.