Company History

GK Medical Management, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Dr. Richard Kim, a Board Certified Radiologist. While in training at the University of Chicago and taking night-float call at Mount Sinai Hospital, it became clear to Dr. Kim that quality and availability of imaging services varied dramatically from academic to private hospital systems, from hospital systems to outpatient imaging centers, and from well-served to poorly-served demographic areas.

The first product of this observation was Hawthorne Medical Imaging, an outpatient imaging center which was of the Sinai Health System, in which the assertion was that high quality and profitable outpatient imaging could be delivered in its under-served demographic area without compromising quality and service. It became rapidly clear that there were many roles to play to execute on delivery of such services. For this first project, Dr. Kim developed the economic model, designed the center, selected the modalities, negotiated for real estate, equipment and software, hired and managed marketing, and staffed and managed the center. It was also readily clear that there were existing allied service providers that would be great partners. GK Medical Management was created at this time to play these varied roles and to join with key providers. Hawthorne Medical Imaging was GK’s first imaging center and it was also its first hospital joint venture.

Within the year, plans for a privately held outpatient center – 3T Imaging – were complete, wherein all services were again provided by GK, but in this case GK was the primary investor with additional capital raised from outside investors.

With experience and growing credibility, Dr. Kim turned his attention to refining the business model into discrete components and identifying opportunities within the market. In-house billing and accounting services were developed, and in the ensuing years, 6 additional centers were opened or acquired by GK. In its first 13 years, GK Medical Management has developed a reputation for operating its facilities in a manner that delivers excellent care, captures market share, and generates attractive profit margins. Its current focus is working as a joint venture partner with hospital systems.

Our Mission

Being a partner in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment requires a deeper understanding of the components of the best in radiology services. It also requires an understanding of how those components fit into the broader context of healthcare services. Customer satisfaction is key to our success, so we prioritize the needs of two key customers:

Our patients:

We achieve the highest possible patient satisfaction through…

  • Patient-oriented staff:  friendly and service-oriented from the front desk to the technologists;
  • Patient-oriented facilities: designed for patient comfort with ample parking, internet access, and online scheduling;
  • Low prices (for deductibles and self-pay);
  • Quick scheduling;
  • Efficient exam-day scanning with limited wait time;
  • Building a web presence.

Our referring physicians:

We achieve the highest possible referring physician satisfaction through…

  • “Can-do” customer service, demonstrating that we care about the patients;
  • Expedient scheduling;
  • Fast reporting;
  • Maintaining a physician portal for access to images;
  • Seamless interfaces with EMR;
  • Radiologists who are well-trained, service oriented and on-site;
  • State-of-the-art equipment with well-trained and experienced technologists;
  • Sensitivity to pricing;
  • Efficiency with insurance companies.