GK was founded in 2005 and has thrived in an environment where the overall reimbursement for outpatient diagnostic imaging has declined more than 50%. While other such providers focused only on the bottom line, GK also turned its attention to increasing volume by delivering high quality imaging and service.  Despite the decline, GK has managed EBITDA margins of 22-24%.  We have been able to do so by leveraging our experience and relationships in the categories listed below:

  • Equipment Selection:  It is key to choose the correct modalities for a given service area and partnership, and to choose the correct vendor(s).
  • Equipment Purchase: With its track record, volume , trajectory, and reputation, GK can save 30-40% on equipment purchases compared to hospital pricing.
  • Space Planning and Construction: GK works with a highly trained team of architects, trades, and general contractors.  Initial savings can be hundreds of thousands of dollars on the build-out, compared to a typical hospital-driven construction.
  • Vendor and Supplier Relationships – We are relentless in pursuing the best vendor relationships across all of our sites and will compare our operating costs against anyone in our field.
  • Staffing, HR and Employee Retention – Leveraging automation and an increasing regional presence, we can bring efficiencies to staffing to reduce labor cost.
  • Billing and Collections – By integrating our own billing staff, who are experts in radiology, we collect a far higher percentage of claims than most of our competitors.